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Jasmine Ferguson, Office Associate

Jasmine Ferguson, a bright and ambitious junior at the prestigious Howard University, is pursuing a major in Political Science complemented by a minor in Legal Communications. She has a deep-seated passion for reading, an interest that has significantly contributed to her academic success. In addition to her love for literature, Jasmine is a gifted musician, fluent in the language of music with a decade's worth of experience playing the cello. She aspires to further cultivate this talent by adding Music as a minor in the upcoming fall semester.

As an engaged member of her university community, Jasmine participates actively in the Black Women in Law club and takes pride in her membership in the institution's honor society. Eager to expand her involvement, she intends to join the debate and mock trial teams, embracing opportunities that will further hone her legal acumen.

Volunteering holds a special place in Jasmine's life. Whether she's dedicating her free time to mentor children or assisting at a local soup kitchen that serves the homeless, Jasmine is driven by a desire to give back to her community.

Her post-graduation plans include enrolling in Law school to acquire the necessary skills to achieve her professional goals. With a keen interest in Immigration and Medical Malpractice law, she aspires to use her legal expertise to make a difference. Ultimately, Jasmine dreams of serving as a senator in her home state of Florida, translating her dedication to public service into legislative action.

Guided by principles of altruism and authenticity, Jasmine's journey is rooted in her commitment to help others and stay true to herself.

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