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The Walker Law Offices, PA

Licensed in Florida & Georgia

Office (904)358-7104 

Ethics Statement

The Walker Law Offices observes the highest level of ethics while delivering zealous advocacy on behalf of its clients. All cases are handled with full and unwavering observance of the Rules of Professional Conduct as they relate to client confidentiality and trust. The strictest controls are observed in protecting the confidence and secrets of clients, and the firm conducts frequent in-house training on this subject.

Our friendly and courteous staff is dedicated to attending to all our clients' needs. Our office facility offers prompt appointments to all injury victims and appointments for injury victims are usually available on the day of the first call.

Our pledge is to provide courteous, professional, and zealous

representation using our combined legal expertise and resources. We further pledge to keep clients reasonably informed of the status of their

cases at all times.

Our Vision

At The Walker Law Offices, P.A., our vision is to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, delivering unwavering and zealous advocacy for our clients. We are steadfast in our commitment to the Rules of Professional Conduct, placing paramount importance on client confidentiality and trust. We are rigorous in our approach to safeguarding client confidences and secrets, maintaining regular in-house training to ensure compliance.


Our team is composed of friendly and dedicated individuals, committed to addressing our clients' needs promptly and courteously. We strive to provide swift appointments, often on the same day, for injury victims in need of immediate assistance.

Our pledge is to serve our clients with courtesy, professionalism, and zealous representation, harnessing our collective legal expertise and resources. We are dedicated to keeping our clients informed about the status of their cases at all times. In every aspect of our work, we aim to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our clients, reflecting our vision of delivering excellence in legal services.

In addition to our commitment to exceptional legal representation, The Walker Law Offices, P.A. also takes pride in our extensive service areas covering both Florida and Georgia. We have a deep understanding of the legal landscape in these states, allowing us to provide nuanced, location-specific advice and advocacy. From the bustling cities to the rural communities, we extend our services to individuals and businesses alike, ensuring that quality legal counsel is accessible regardless of geography. We pledge to continue serving the people of Florida and Georgia with the same dedication and professionalism that defines our practice, reinforcing our vision to be a trusted and dependable law firm in the region.

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