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The Walker Law Offices, PA

Licensed in Florida & Georgia

Office (904)358-7104 

Charlotte Flowers, Office Associate

Charlotte Flowers, a proud Jacksonville native, is currently in her third year at the esteemed Florida State University. As an English Literature major, Charlotte is laying the groundwork for a multifaceted career in Library Sciences. She harbors aspirations to journey beyond the boundaries of her home state, with plans to teach English in international locales such as Brazil, Switzerland, and Japan.

Within the walls of Walker Law Offices, Charlotte shines in her role as an assistant, adeptly managing document preparation and filing for our vast client base. Her diligence and attention to detail contribute significantly to our operational efficiency and overall client satisfaction.

Beyond academics and work, Charlotte is a passionate advocate for the environment and animal welfare. She regularly volunteers her time at White Harvest Farms, where she has honed her skills as a certified beekeeper, contributing to local biodiversity efforts. Additionally, she volunteers at the Jacksonville Humane Society, where her assistance forms a critical part of daily operations.

From her career ambitions to her philanthropic efforts, Charlotte's journey is defined by her commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and a love for the natural world.

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